Top five reasons to choose StatsHub

Intuitive interface

StatsHub will be powered by an intuitive interface that will enable users to easily manage both simple and complex research projects. Our intuitive wizard will guide you safely through all the setup steps with little hassle and no headaches.

Flexible data collection

StatsHub users will be able to collect their own data by creating & deploying surveys, or else upload data already collected and formatted in a number of formats. First on our list are .xslx and .csv.

100% statistically sound data analysis

With StatsHub, your data analysis is guaranteed to be 100% statistically accurate. Our platform uses a powerful wizard which ensures that the correct test type or analysis is chosen based on the types of variables selected by the user.

Powerful data reporting

StatsHub allows users to merge results coming from multiple sources (test runs) and combine them into one aggregated dashboard page. This way, you can have increased visibility into your data and really see the big picture when it comes to making your business decisions.

Self-service platform

StatsHub will be a fully self-service platform: our users will be able to create accounts, collect their data, analyse it and access the data reporting module on their own, anytime, anywhere. All they need is access to a browser and an exciting research project.

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