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StatsHub changes the way brands carry out market research by connecting online market research services through its trusted, easy-to-use statistical engine.This is the world’s first virtual collaboration platform for quantitative market research.

The reporting interface is available as a beta release. We’re working hard to empower the world with statistical objectivity through additional integrations and features.
StatsHub is an integrated analysis engine that enables anyone to process sample data and derive powerful conclusions with little or no actual knowledge of statistics. Your data gets a full inferential statistics treatment using an embedded, foolproof modeling mechanism.
StatsHub Partners add value by leveraging each other’s apps and services for data collection and presentment: use forms, call center services, rating systems and more to deliver fast analysis-driven solutions.

Why StatsHub?

Intuitive interface

StatsHub will be powered by an intuitive interface that will enable users to easily manage both simple and complex research projects. Our intuitive wizard will guide you safely through all the setup steps with little hassle and no headaches.

Self-service platform

StatsHub will be a fully self-service platform: our users will be able to create accounts, collect their data, analyse it and access the data reporting module on their own, anytime, anywhere. All they need is access to a browser and an exciting research project.

Open to 3rd party connections

We are not building StatsHub to be a closed platform – we definitely do not want to lock our users in. To that end, we’re already partnering with complementary industry players – such as survey development companies – to integrate our solutions and create a complete ecosystem.

Flexible data collection

StatsHub users will be able to collect their own data by creating & deploying surveys, or else upload data already collected and formatted in a number of formats. First on our list are .xslx and .csv.

100% statistically sound data analysis

With StatsHub, your data analysis is guaranteed to be 100% statistically accurate. Our platform uses a powerful wizard which ensures that the correct test type or analysis is chosen based on the types of variables selected by the user.

Powerful data reporting

StatsHub allows users to merge results coming from multiple sources (test runs) and combine them into one aggregated dashboard page. This way, you can have increased visibility into your data and really see the big picture when it comes to making your business decisions.

Friendly advice: prepare to get a serious craving for candy.

Our Ambition

Our ambition is to create the world’s most empowering and intuitive platform for statistical analysis.
Our users are a big part of that process: we not only aim to start a revolution in inferential statistical modeling, we want our product to answer your specific needs as thoroughly as possible. Which is why we’re showing you the image below: it’s an overview of all the functionalities we plan to roll out.
See something you like? Have a question to ask or a suggestion to make? Is there one particular functionality you’d like to see implemented ahead of the others? Drop us an email at marketing@getstatshub.com – we’d love to hear your throughts.

Partner with us

StatsHub is also a collaborative, universal research marketplace.

Partners add statistically-relevant data analysis to their service portfolio and use other partners’ services in their customers’ benefit.
They currently come in two categories:
  1. Companies focused on data collection for market research – call centers, online survey companies, etc.
  2. Companies that focus on the reporting / dashboarding part of the market research process.
Partners can also interact with one another, expand their reach, find new customers, work with other players. Customers who are served collaboratively by ecosystem partners are delighted, not just happy.

How do you know you’re a good fit to join the StatsHub ecosystem?

Our ideal partner should tick at least 2 of the following boxes:

  • Your business model connects with the SH business model, either on the data collection front or on the reporting / dashboards side
  • Your areas of activity include mobile data gathering, micro surveys, predictive analysis, segmentation models, reporting models…
  • You want to integrate your services with StatsHub in order to further enable multi-directional connections:
  • You can push data into the StatsHub analysis engine for analysis and get instant results;
  • You enable other partners to use the services you offer.

Benefits of joining the StatsHub ecosystem as a partner:

  • Focus on your key value proposition by working with partners who complement your offering
  • Make the research and analysis process simple
  • Gain immediate insights into your data
  • Offer your customers instant insights and enable them to make data-driven decisions
  • Find new potential customers by interacting with other members of the ecosystem
  • Join the first connected online market research ecosystem built around a trusted statistical engine, thereby helping build the first virtual collaboration platform for quantitative market research.

How does partnering with StatsHub actually work?

First of all, you drop us an email at marketing@getstatshub.com. Then we will set up a chat via Skype, Hangouts or FaceTime to get to know you and assess the fit between your business model and ours. A decision will then be made together on the timeline, process and prospects for integration.

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See something you like? Have a question to ask or a suggestion to make?

Drop us an email at marketing@getstatshub.com – we’d love to hear your throughts.

Gaston Crommenlaan 10 b101B9050 Ghent, Belgium

Gaston Crommenlaan 10, 9050 Gent, Belgium

Gaston Crommenlaan 10, 9050 Gent, Belgium

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